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MCLC Minutes 05.18.2017 Draft

MCLC Minutes 05.18.2017 Draft

MCLC Minutes 05.29.2016 DRAFT


TechTalk Report Jan 21 Meeting

Here is the report for the Jan 21st Directors’ meeting. ┬áTechTalk 2016 01 Directors Meeting

MCLC Minutes 09/17/2015 Draft

MCLC Minutes 09.17.2015 draft

TechTalk Report Sept. 17th Meeting

TechTalk Report Directors Meeting 9/17/2015

MCLC Minutes 3/19/2015 Draft

MCLC Minutes Draft 03.19.2015

March 2015 Treasurer’s Report

Attached is the Treasurer’s Report from the March 15th meeting.┬áTreasurer Report March 15 2015