Minutes of MCLC Meeting on March 20th 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM
MCLD Library, Goodyear Branch, 14455 W Van Buren Street, C-101, Goodyear, 85338
Attending: Cindy Kolaczynski, Maricopa County Library District, Ava Gutwein, Avondale Public Library, Kim Eckhoff, Tolleson Public Library, Holly Henley, Arizona State Library, Nita Mailander, Grand Canyon University, David Court, Desert Foothills Library, Carol Damaso, Scottsdale Public Library, Brenda Brown, Chandler Public Library, Jana White, Buckeye Public Library, Barbara Roberts, Tempe Public Library, Heather Wolf, Mesa Public Library, Cheryl Kennedy, Glendale Public Library, Vinny Alascia, Arizona State Library, Susan Irwin, Arizona Historical Society
1. Call to Order & Apologies
Meeting called to order 9:07am by David Court and apologies were extended for Sherrie Schmidt, Rita Hayworth, David Bickford, Mary Roberts and Heidi Speed.
2. Introductions
Introductions were made
3. Approval of Minutes of January 16, 2014 with corrections to addition of Tracy Gray to Resource Advisory Group
Motion of approval to minutes by Cheryl Kennedy, seconded by Cindy Kolaczynski and the motion carried.
4. Consent Agenda
a. Treasurer’s Report
i. Brenda Brown presented a report and budget update. There has been no activity for the last two months through end of February. Since then $3,500 spent for Citizen Advocate, Laraine Rogers. $1,500 check issued to scholarship winner Betty Murphy and $500 for Tom Laveen “Tell the Teens.” Incoming deposits were received from Glendale Community College. Brenda will be dues statements to the next meeting.
b. Committee Reports
i. TechTalk
Vinny Alascia reported that the last meeting at the Arizona State Library regarding digitization and demonstration of scanner. Joan Clark, Laura Stone and Vinny spoke and
had an audience of 20-25 people. Positive feedback was received and attendance is on the upswing. Next meeting at the ThinkSpot in Mesa on 4/24.
c. Electronic Resources
i. Holly updated group that they are waiting to meet until after the database package decision has been made.
d. Continuing Education
i. David Court has not seen a committee report. Cheryl Kennedy will touch base with Melanie Eden. Brenda Brown and Carol Damaso propose that a continuing education committee member attend the MCLC meetings to present their reports.
5. State Library Report
a. Holly Henley reports on a few items for Joan Clark. The Arizona Library Leader’s Summit is coming up in April and they are excited to have bestselling author, Dan Heath, for the keynote. The keynote is on the event registration page and is open for all to attend the Big Picture presentation. 150 maximum attendees. The following day Susan Hildreth from the IMLS will be speaking.
b. State wide database vendor proposal is under review. They received really good recommendations from the committee and worked very hard to examine the bids and develop a process based on usage and needs.
c. May 7th & 8th is Library Legislative Day on the Hill. Melinda, Dan Stanton, Brenda Brown and Laraine Rogers will attend.
d. Joan Clark has worked to have a statue of Barry Goldwater unveiled in the Arizona State Rotunda on March 31st before the statue moves to DC.
e. Arizona Women’s History Symposium is March 28th & 29th. Sandra Day O’Connor will present at CGCC.
f. New CE Scholarship format that is easier and more flexible regarding requirement of sharing your learning.
g. Every Child Ready to Read has been translated to Spanish and the State Library has purchased this toolkit for every library in Arizona as a download. There will be an email blast to libraries and further details will be shared.
h. There will be a press conference on 5/22 at 11am at the Phoenix Children’s Museum to launch the statewide summer reading program, ReadOn. More information will be shared as the date is closer.
i. LSTA grant review process in place and grant application have started to be read.
6. Old Business
a. Continuing Education Event
i. Carol Damaso reports that this year entrepreneurship was selected as a focus and the CE group met, Holly Henley, Carol Damaso, Rita Hamilton, Sarah Prosory, Mike Bett. See appendix to minutes for program proposal.
ii. Pima County Event – How to Get Hired
1. Nita Mailander reminds group of the upcoming “How to Get Hired at the Pima County Public Library” on March 24th.
2. Carol Damaso inquires about a similar event for Maricopa County. Discussion follows and David Court will send this idea to Melanie Eden for next year’s continuing education agenda.
1. It was determined that there is an existing AzLA SIRLS Committee and Brenda Brown, Holly Henley, Barbara Roberts and Nita Mailander will report back to MCLC.
iv. Scholarship Committee Report
1. Cindy Kolazcynski reports that six applicants were received from the Heard Museum, Chandler, ASU, Mesa and two from MCLD. David Court emailed scholarship decision to all of the applicants. Cindy announced that Betty Murphy from the Heard Museum was award the scholarship.
v. Citizen Advocate Report
1. Laraine Rogers was selected and she has two master’s degrees. She studied at Pepperdine, Associate Professor at ASU, taught at University of Texas and sits on the Scottsdale Library Board. Laraine is very interested in technology and is retired now, but really believes in the mission of libraries.
7. Next Meeting, Thursday, May 15th at 9:00am
Carol Damaso moved to adjourn the meeting and the motion was seconded by Brenda Brown and passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:00am.
Caris O’Malley presented an update and a demonstration after the meeting for the Maricopa County Reads 2014 Summer Reading Program – greatreadingadventure.com
Respectfully submitted by Nita Mailander

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