Scottsdale Public Library Report


Happy New Year from Scottsdale Public Library. For us 2013 was a year filled with new programs and staff changes.

The early literacy program is thriving due to the grant funding from First Things First for several years. Adult programming is on a steep rise as we continue to add programs and step up the outreach presentations and embedding. The most noteworthy program additions were in the Eureka Loft where interest continues to rise for the entrepreneurial segment of our community. Recently we partnered again with Economic Development to open a “war room” in the Civic Center Library where the City’s 5-Year Strategic Plan for Tourism will unfold. It is a place where citizens will determine what will draw tourism to Scottsdale in the furure. “Love of Place” is the theme.

Our senior management team saw several changes. We now have new people as Senior Management Analyst, Collection Management & Metadata Services Manager and Building Operations & Volunteer Services Senior Manager.

Like all of you, we are in the midst of budget season. We will be maintaining a flat budget.




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