Tempe Public Library – November 2013

Happy Holidays to all of you. Seems hard to believe that it’s that time of year already.

Tempe Public Library is starting the season early. We have established November as the “Month of Giving”. Our activities include: pet adoption (giving loving homes to our animal friends); Super Service Challenge – volunteering and how to give of your time in the community during the holiday season, and Food for Fines – giving to self as well as others.

Our migration to Polaris is scheduled for December 11th and we seem to still be on target for that. Staff trainers have had their training and all staff training is in the works. Tech staff are having admin training and everyone, while a bit nervous, is anxious to leave Millennium.

December will also mark the date when the Tempe Public Library will officially withdraw from the Greater Phoenix Digital Consortium, effective December 16th. We realize this is a risk from the collection size standpoint, but have reallocated resources to be able to go live with a collection size that is standard for a library of our size. By this time next year we hope to have 5,000 titles. On December 16th all Tempe Library card holders who have holds in the Consortium will have their holds filled. We hope some positive experiences such as this and good PR will make the transition understandable to the public. We will keep you all posted.

Due to the broad responsibilities Barbara has as a Deputy Community Services Director, a postion for a Library Manager has been posted for the last month. It closes November 18. This position will be much like an assistant director position and be responsible for the day to day operations of the Library for which Barbara does not have the time. We hope we can find a rock star!

A new librarian II will be starting in January–Jill Brenner will be coming to Tempe from the Chicago area and be in charge of coordinating all adult programming.

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