Minutes of Meeting September 29th 2013

Thursday, September 18th, 2013 at 9:00am
Peoria Public Library, Sunrise Mountain Branch
21109 N 98th Ave, Peoria 85382


Attending: David Court/Desert Foothills Library, Nita Mailander/Grand Canyon University, Holly Henley/Arizona State Library, Mary Villegas/Arizona State Library, Cindy Kolaczynski/Maricopa County Library District, Vinny Alascia/Arizona State Library, Mary Roberts/Peoria Public Library, Brenda Brown/Chandler Public Library, Rita Hamilton/Phoenix Public Library, Heidi Speed/Youngtown Public Library, Carol Damaso/Scottsdale Public Library, Sherrie Schmidt/Arizona State University, Susan Irwin/Arizona Historical Society, Ava Gutwein/Avondale Public Library, Kim Eckhoff/Tolleson Public Library, Christine Larson/Buckeye Public Library, Cheryl King/Glendale Public Library

1. Call to Order & Apologies
The Meeting was called to order at 9am by David Court and apologies were extended for Joan Clark and Heather Wolf who were unable to attend. During the meeting apologies were received from Heather Wolf.
2. Introductions
Introductions were made.
3. Approval of Minutes of May 23rd 2013
Amendments to the minutes were submitted by Holly Henley. Motion of approval of minutes with amendments made by Brenda Brown, seconded by Sherrie Schmidt and the motion carried.
4. Consent Agenda
a. Treasurer’s Report, including Budget for 2013/2014
Brenda Brown presented the group with a printout of the 2013-2014 Budget and the current financial statement. The available funds = $5,897.80 as of 9/19/13.There are currently $375 outstanding member dues and some of the Community Colleges have not paid, but have been invoiced. Estimate is that about $600 is still to be paid. Brenda insures that reimbursement happens quickly, so no members or library staff members have pending out of pocket expenses. Brenda has the MCLC member list which she will share with the MCLC members. Corporate Commission filing is due soon. Motion of approval of budget made by Rita Hamilton, seconded by Mary Villegas and the motion carried. The group expressed gratitude to Brenda Brown for serving as Treasurer.
b. Committee Reports
i. Tech Talk
Vinny Alascia reported that the meeting schedule is set. The mobile apps topic was the last presentation and the upcoming 3D printer program will be on 10/24 @ 10:30am at Carnegie. December will be the gadget show and tell meeting. The upcoming meeting in April will be on the Mesa Entrepreneur Space. Vinny will make a PDF of schedule to distribute. Presentations at AzLA will include panel presentation on social media strategies and Vinny will be presenting topic “Six Apps for Productive Librarians.” Current membership of committee consists of 8-12 core group members with Chris Ruiz as a co-chair.
ii. Electronic Resources

Mary Villegas reported that the State Library will be using an RFP process to procure a statewide package of electronic resources. Mary and Laura Stone will be meeting with the State of Arizona Procurement office to discuss setting up database vendors on a statewide contract. Libraries would then be able to purchase databases off the statewide contract for their library. Some examples of vendors that will be on the statewide contract are RefUSA and AtoZ Reference. Others will be added. Mary provided information about upcoming changes for OCLC regarding the Firstsearch Platform currently being used for Resource Sharing. The next MCLC Electronic Resources meeting will be 10/9 at 9:00 a.m. at a location to be determined. As a side note, Mary recommended that libraries review their OCLC bills and make sure they understand the charges.

iii. Continuing Education
David Court reported that the committee is in need of new additional members and would like to see a youth librarian on the committee roster. Cindy Kolaczynski requested a summary of duties and responsibilities to promote and Sherrie Schmidt requested a list of the current committee members. June 12th was the last CE Committee meeting. Library tours are ramping up. 9/5: Upcoming tours include: Roswell Book Binding, Desert Botanical Gardens and the State Archives. The library tour dates are located in Dale Savage’s newsletter.
5. State Library Report
Holly Henley reported that Joan Clark was traveling to the National Book Festival in DC, where the Arizona Center for the Book’s literacy work would be promoted. will be traveling to DC to promote work done on early literacy. Laura Stone is the new Digital Content Director, overseeing the LSTA-funded “Arizona E-book Platform” with local content to be hosted on a server at Phoenix Public Library. Jamie Ball is the new LSTA contact. The state library purchased a 3D printer, please visit with Chris Guerra for demonstration and more information. Holly reviewed the EDGE initiative, an online assessment tool for libraries. An assessment workbook is located online http://www.libraryedge.org/ and the initiative launches January 2014. Many tools are available on the website. OneBookAZ, in partnership with MCLD, is returning as a digital project. Arizona residents only can submit digital content (child, teen, and adult categories). In April, everyone will read and discuss the winners all online. The goal of the digital OneBookAZ is to increase digital literacy skills. http://onebookaz.org.
6. Old Business – None

7. New Business
a. Affordable Care Act
Navigators are currently being trained by four agencies and can be requested to attend sessions in libraries. Several libraries are working with the agencies to host the navigators to assist patrons. Arizona State Library has a page with tools and webinars regarding the Affordable Care Act, http://www.azlibrary.gov/extension/aca_resources.aspx. Some difficulties expected are dealing with one hour computer time limits, as the application process is expected to take longer than current computer use limits allow in libraries.
b. Privacy Policies
Discussion of current privacy policies and how often they are reviewed. Cindy Kolaczynski stated that MCLD uses a solicitation policy instead.
c. AzLA Conference (Embedded Librarian)
Carol Damaso, Holly Henley, Cindy Kolaczynski and Brenda Brown will be presenting at AzLA on what they are doing at their institutions with regards to embedded librarianship. Carol Damaso recommended the book titled Library 2020 and she reviewed a theme from the book regarding customization for our customers.
d. SIRLS Internship & Job Fair Saturday, October 12th.
Brenda Brown announced the 10/26 job fair from 1-4p. Discussion followed regarding the value of a Phoenix SIRLS Cohort monthly meeting and the SIRLS Strategic Meeting on Saturday 9/21. The group agreed that MCLC could potentially host a SIRLS rep at a MCLC meeting.
8. Individual Library & Organization Updates (Review of reports previously submitted electronically)
David Court asked the group to submit their reports, if they have not done so previously.
9. Next Meeting – Thursday, November 21st at 9am, location to be determined.
Cindy Kolaczynski offered her thanks regarding the summer reading programs as they were a great success. Nita Mailander offered her thanks for suggestions of local moving companies with library experience.
Adjournment: Rita Hamilton motioned to adjourn with second by Mary Villegas. Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted by Nita Mailander

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