Minutes of Meeting May 23rd 2013

Thursday, May 23rd 2013
Glendale Public Library, Foothills Branch, 19055 N. 57th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85308


Attending: Nita Mailander/Grand Canyon University; Vinny Alascia/AZ State Library; Barbara Roberts/Tempe Public Library; Heather Wolf/Mesa Public Library; Cheryl Kennedy/Glendale Public Library; Chris Larson/Buckeye Public Library; Mary Roberts/Peoria; Cindy Kolaczynski/MCLD; Holly Henley/AZ State Library; Rita Hamilton/Phoenix Public Library; Chris Reams/City of Avondale; Ava Gutwein/City of Avondale; Brenda Brown/City of Chandler; Carol Damaso/Scottsdale Public Library; Ann Boles/Wickenburg Public Library; David Court/Desert Foothills Library

1. Call to order & Apologies
The meeting was called to order at 2pm by David Court, apologies were extended for Sherrie Schmidt and Nancy Reckard who were unable to attend.

2. Introductions
Determined the group included familiar faces and there was no need for formal introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes of March 21, 2013
Motion made by Rita Hamilton and 2nd by Cindy Kolaczynski to approve the minutes – Motion Carried

4. Consent Agenda
a. Treasurer’s Report, including Budget for 2013/2014
Brenda Brown presented everyone with a printout of the budget report. The available funds = $2,725.82 as of 5/23/13. She will have a proposed budget for the coming year at the September meeting. Membership renewals will have come in and we will have a better idea of what we will have to work with.
b. Committee Reports
i. Tech Talk
Vinny Alascia reported on the Tech Talk committee. As the year progresses the number attending tends to dwindle. He reminded everyone that anyone was welcome to attend.
ii. Electronic Resources
No report as they have not met
iii. Continuing Education (Consideration of Education: Scholarship)
The committee is looking for ideas for training topics. After discussion several things came to the top. For the coming year we would move more toward education vs. scholarships, therefore being able to reach more people. Scholarships are nice but the Embedded Librarian training was referred to as an example of how a focus on training could reach more of our staff. Budget cuts have reduced opportunities for training for all the libraries. MCLC has earmarked $3,000 for training with the intent to explore further ideas in September. The Council also expressed a desire to continue to focus on the Citizen Advocate opportunity as well.
5. State Library Report –Holly Henley
Holly Henley reported the State Library just finished awarding LSTA grants. There were many creative and worthy projects this year. Some of the highlights were ways to continue BTOP, maker spaces, e-readers and training, digital story times, stem projects that will support schools and summer reading programs. Reminder, BTOP concludes the end of May, reports due June 6th for libraries with instructors. State Wide-AZ Digital is moving forward. Everyone will have access.

The State pays $5.00 for every ILL lent to public libraries by Community Colleges and Regent Universities. Because of impending budget cuts for the State Library, this considered being cut and would possibly go into effect July 1, 2013. The State Library wanted to bring it before the committee to seek input.

6. Old Business
i. Embedded Librarian – Carol Damaso (and working group)
A report was given on the Embedded Librarian training. Libraries shared feedback on the training. It sparked a conversation that supported the desire for more training opportunities for libraries.

7. New Business – Election of Officers for the year 2013/2014
Elected: President – David Court
Secretary – Nita Mailander
Treasurer – Brenda Brown
Cindy Kolaczynski agreed to be back-up President if David is absent from a meeting.

8. Individual Library & Organization Updates. (Review of reports previously submitted

9. Next Meeting – September 19th at 9 a.m. Venue to be decided.

Adjournment: Ann Boles Motioned to adjourn with 2nd by Carol Damaso. Motion Carried

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