CE Committee Minutes June 12th 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Burton Barr Library, 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
First Floor, Meeting Rm A
1) Call to Order
Attending: Melanie Edens, Dale Savage, Betty Murphy, Louis Howley, Frank Patterson, Rene Tanner, Jill Thomsen, Deidre Mears

2) Introduction of new members or guests
No new members or guests.

3) Approval of minutes for May 8 , 2013 meeting
Minutes were approved.

4) Library tours/updates for 2012/13: AKA” Betty’s Library Touring Agency”

Desert Botanical Garden- March 2014, (Betty)
Roswell Book Binding- new date? 2013 (Betty) September 5, 2013, 9:30 – 11am.
Phoenix Art Museum- 2014 ? (Betty)
Archives Crawl – Betty is working on this.
Law and Research Library – Betty is working on this, suggested the middle of January.
Eureka space at Scottsdale – Melanie said that Krissy would be willing to set this up for us for 2014. This is a partnership with ASU/Skysong at Civic Center. We agreed this would be a good tour to offer.

5) Programs 2012/13

• Back To The Beach May 21, 2013 (Melanie) – Overwhelmingly good feedback, especially for our own Rene! All attendees said they would recommend it and/or come back again. We discussed alternate locations for this program; negative feedback about the uncomfortable chairs, warm room. Technology is also a bit of an issue at the programs at Burton Barr. The problem with the Carnegie is that we would not be allowed to have book sales. Talia Sherer said she’d like to come next year. Discussion of other locations around the valley.
• Program planning for 2014
o The programs that we fund currently are the readers advisory programs–Back to the Beach, Tell the Teens and the library tours. We also partner with the State on major programs, because the State is not able to provide refreshments for its programs. This has been a valuable partnership, where the committee receives recognition for our contribution.
o Melanie says that a lot of our BTTB authors are Poisoned Pen authors. She suggests partnering with Changing Hands for the Tell the Teens authors. We may need to change the date to be able to accommodate authors. Melanie asks if there is someone willing to be the point person for Tell the Teens.
o Discussion about the size of the committee. It was agreed that we could use a few more people on the committee for workload distribution. Dale observed that we need to add some teen librarians to the committee. Committee members must be from dues-paying libraries and it is believed that they need to be librarians. Current committee members will ask around to see if we can expand our ranks at bit. Discussion of Louis’ replacement.
o Dale shared some upcoming programs from the State. Kathleen Baxter (http://www.kathleenbaxter.com/ ) will come back in August or September to train on kids’ nonfiction. Cheryl Gould (http://www.fullyengagedlibraries.com/ ) will be presenting a customer service workshop in Phoenix probably September. Warren Graham will be back, but not in Phoenix. Patti Tjomsland again in January. Peggy Sharp again in February. Betty suggested doing a workshop on evaluations and measurement relating to projects. Dale mentioned Laura Stone’s LSTA workshops, where she discusses outcomes and evaluations. March might be a time to do a workshop on this.
o There was a lot of positive feedback on the Embedded Librarian workshop. This was an MCLC committee initiative. We discussed the need for follow-up and support of this project. The CE Committee would like to have a continuation of this topic in the next year and would like to pursue this if there is funding available. We discussed facilitating a support/networking group of libraries interested in this topic. Rene mentioned the AZLA regional forum as a possible partnership.

6) Old Business
We discussed the budget. We had approximately $300 unspent this year.
The workshop handouts are on our website.

7) New Business
8) Announcements from around the table
Rene reported that AZLA is in the process of choosing programs. Jamie LaRue is the keynote speaker this year.
Betty shared that they got an NEA grant to put part of their collection online! They will have to get permission from the artists to put the work online, and they will also put the library’s research as well.

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 @ Burton Barr

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