CE Committee Minutes

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1) Call to Order

2) Introduction of new members or guests
Melanie Edens – Glendale
Louis Howley – Phoenix
Deidre Mears – Chandler
Holly Henley- Arizona State Library

3) Approval of minutes for March 13 , 2013 meeting

Minutes were approved with a few spelling corrections

4) Library tours/updates for 2012/13: AKA” Betty’s Library Touring Agency”

Irish Cultural Center Library – March 21, 2013 (Betty) SOLD OUT! A huge success with 25 attendees.
Desert Botanical Garden- Spring 2014, possibly March 5 (Betty) No report this meeting.
Roswell Book Binding- Sept.11, 2013 (Betty) No report this meeting.
Phoenix Art Museum- October ?, 2013 (Betty) No report this meeting.

5) Programs 2012/13
• Tell The Teens April 16 , 2013 (Melanie) Jennifer Wong-Ortiz submitted a bib and a Prezi, which Melanie reports is very well done. Melanie reports meeting Martin Etchart and being very impressed with him; she is certain his presentation will be wonderful. Melanie will purchase cupcakes and gift bags for the speakers, to be reimbursed. Deidre will purchase water (30). We will discuss refrigeration at our next meeting on May 8.
• Back To The Beach May 21, 2013 (Melanie) Melanie will ask Michelle about storing extra water and ice chests for back to the Beach at Burton Barr. Deidre will purchase water (60?). Melanie has gotten several books, CDs and other potential prizes from Baker and Taylor, MacMillan and other publishers.
• Snack supply update/what we need (Deidre, Frank, Melanie, Dale) Holly will purchase the lunch and snacks for the Embedded Librarian program, to be reimbursed by MCLC as part of the $1200 budget.
Other programs for 2012/13

6) Old Business
Deidre has a log in for the website. She has added the Tell the Teens flier and bibliography. She will add some photos of our programs and link to a Flickr account for more photos (see New Business).
Embedded Librarian workshop on April 22 at Carnegie all day – Jamie LaRue and two librarians will be speaking to a group of librarians from Arizona, identified by the library directors.

7) New Business
Discussion of starting a Flickr account for photos of our events. Deidre will look into this.

8) Announcements from around the table
Glendale is using Polaris.
Phoenix’s website will be changed at the end of May, moving toward using Polaris Pac as their site.
Phoenix, Glendale and Chandler are all using the county’s Summer Reading Program.
New Deputy Director of IT and Digital Inititiaves for Phoenix – Aimee Fifarek
Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 @ Burton Barr

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