Tempe Public Library – May 2013 Library Report

TPL is in the midst of a variety of projects:

1. Remodel of the main level of the library is nearing completion. The one desk (everything happens here model) is being dismantled. All account, cash, library card, damaged materials etc. functions are now behind a discrete window with one person staffing that function on a rotating schedule. The main desk will be taken down today, replaced with a first line reference concierge armed only with an iPad, staffed by librarians near the front entrance. The reference concierge will have a wireless phone to call out colleagues to assist one on one with patrons for lengthy interactions. Roaoming librarians and library assistants will help in the computer commons and the stacks, also using wireless phones. Furniture has been rearranged and the collections relocated to create a more open “living room” concept to reduce what has been a chaotic main entrance.
2. Staff will be receiving intensive customer service training on this new arrangement from Cheryl Gould from InfoPeople on June 5. Cheryl is intimately acquainted with the concerierge desk and roaming concept, but we have thrown in the reference twist.
3. We are in conversations with SkySong at ASU to be one of the next two sites for the Alexandria Project. We want to make some tweaks to the concept they have presented so our go live date may be a bit farther out in the future.
4. To put some rumors to rest, yes we are considering withdrawing from the Greater Phoenix Digital Consortium and beginning our own e-book collection. However, at this time we do not have a firm date for that.
5. We have been notified that we have received two grants from LSTA. One is for our Outreach libaries at the community centers and the other is to develop “Expert Hour” for users to schedule time for in depth instruction or research with a librarian or community member.
6. Friends of the Tempe Public Library are purchasing 3 AWE Early Literacy Stations for our youth library and the library will match that with 3 more. This will replace 6 completely dead computers for young children.

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