Response to Zinio Question from March 2013 Meeting

The State Library is currently setting up agreements with Baker & Taylor and Zinio to provide e-books and e-magazines to public libraries in the 13 rural counties for an 18-month period.  Because the pricing is determined by population, the cost would be prohibitive to include Maricopa and Pima Counties.  This project was designed  as a temporary measure to see that e-resources are available in all Arizona counties.  State Librarian  Joan Clark  has convened a Think Tank of representative library leaders and stakeholders to help the State Library determine how to move forward with supporting e-resources equitably across the state.  We will be providing updates on that work as it progresses.  With reciprocal borrowing privileges, all residents of Maricopa County can get an MCLD library card and use Zinio through MCLD’s website as a temporary measure.

Work on e-resources is ongoing.  Questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions are all welcome at any time.

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