January 2013 Meeting Minutes

Minutes can be downloaded from here:  Minutes January 17 2013

Embedded Librarian article:




Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Arizona Historical Society Library/Archives

1300 N College Avenue, Tempe 85281



David Court called the meeting to order at 9:03 am.



David Court                           Desert Foothills Library

Joan Clark                             State Library

Mary Villegas                        State Library

Barbara Roberts                   Tempe Public Library

Cindy Kolaczynski               Maricopa County Library District

Heather Wolf                                    Mesa Public Library

Becky Rapier                                    Mesa Public Library Advisory Board member

Susan Irwin                          Arizona Historical Society

Nita Mailander                      Grand Canyon University

Ava Gutwein                         Avondale Public Library

Chris Reams                         Avondale Public Library

Susan Irwin                          Arizona Historical Society

Karl Kendall                          Phoenix Public Library

Ann Boles                             Wickenburg Public Library

Mary Roberts                        Peoria Public Library

Sherrie Schmitt                    Arizona State University

Brenda Brown                      Chandler Public Library

Carol Damaso                      Scottsdale Public Library

Jacque Doyle                       U of A College of Medicine, Phoenix


Apologies were received from Holly Henley, Cheryl Kennedy, and Vinnie Alascia


Approval of Minutes

Sherrie Schmidt moved to approve the November 15, 2012 minutes.  Brenda Brown seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

Brenda Brown presented the treasurer’s report.  David Court asked if more dues were expected.  Brenda will resend dues notices to those who haven’t responded yet and David will follow up with an email.  Ann Boles moved to accept the report, Carol Damaso seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  The treasurer’s report follows:



FINANCIAL STATEMENT   January 13, 2013

BANK FUNDS (Checking & Savings) As of October 31, 2012:          $   5,977.92


Savings Interest                                                                                           $           0.04

Dues Income                                                                                                            $       100.00

TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                     $       100.04


Expenditures (Checking November, December):

TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                                                                     $          45.44

TOTAL FUNDS CHECKING:                  December 31, 2012                 $    5,549.67

TOTAL FUNDS SAVINGS:                       December 31, 2012                $       502.85

TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE                   December 31, 2012                $    6,052.52

TOTAL FUNDS ENCUMBERED             January 13, 2013                   $         0.00

TOTAL DEPOSITS OUTSTANDING      January 13, 2013                   $         0.00

TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE                   January 13, 2013                   $    6,052.52

Committee Reports

Tech Talk – Report submitted to site and David Court reviewed with group.  David will ask Vinnie Alascia to demonstrate posting to the MCLC site again and ask him to about a way to consolidate library reports under the meeting date.

Electronic Resources – Mary Villegas of the State Library gave a brief report.

  • Mary will be the contact for public libraries as OCLC changes to the Worldshare Interlibrary Loan platform. Mary will be working to schedule training for AZNet library staff to help with the transition.
  • Mary passed out the Statewide Database Usage 2012 sheet.  Discussion ensued and more information will be provided at the March meeting.

Continuing Education – Report submitted to David and he will post to site.  There was discussion about how tours and programs are advertised.

State Library Report

Joan Clark updated the group on Library, Archives, and Public Records (LAPR):

  • Joan passed out a copy of the LAPR Bill Information Sheet which details LAPR’s need for a system to store and migrate electronic records as formats change.
  • LSTA grant to provide e-books for the collections of small, rural libraries.
  • LAPR received a grant to provide e-readers and training to public libraries.
  • Discussion ensued about how to communicate the challenges of digital rights management and the impact on libraries and e-books.

New Business (order changed from agenda)

Heard report from Becky Rapier, 2012 Citizen Advocate at National Library Legislative Day.  Becky shared her experiences and thanked the group for allowing her the opportunity to participate.  The group asked questions and thanked Becky for her willingness to tell the story of Arizona libraries.  Brenda Brown will update the application and send out via the listserv.  Sherrie Schmidt and Jacque Doyle will help Brenda with the selection of the 2013 Citizen Advocate.

Old Business

Carol Damaso, Cindy Kolaczynski, Brenda Brown, Holly Henley, and Melanie Eaton investigated continuing education opportunities related to the “new” librarian.  The “embedded” librarian is used by the Colorado’s Douglas County Library (DCL) to put librarians into the community in innovative ways.  DCL Library Director Jamie LaRue is available to come to Phoenix for a program.  There was discussion about how libraries are changing and how we can help staff deal with those changes.  With the support of the larger group, the working group will pursue this opportunity in partnership with the State Library.

Individual Library & Organization Updates

Please find committee reports and library updates on the MCLC website.


Carla Stoffle, Dean of the University of Arizona Libraries, announced her retirement to join the faculty at SIRLS.

There is a Freegal newsletter, please let Cindy Kolaczynski know if you want to receive this.

Cindy will schedule a meeting for Public Library Directors to follow the March MCLC meeting to discuss Polaris and Reciprocal Borrowing Program (RBP).


At 10:45 AM, Sherri Schmidt moved to adjourn the meeting, Barbara Roberts seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 21st, 9:00 am at the Civic Center Library in Avondale.

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